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BCI, Australian Bus Supplier

Our Future

We believe the future of bus is Electric and that’s where BCI is going to focus more in the next 5 years. We are about to see a whole transition in the industry to electric over the next 10 years and BCI will be leading this process in Australia with a new full electric 12 m bus to be soon launched, with an estimated range of 300 km. This clean technology could change the perception of public transport creating sustainable zero emission transport options.

Electric buses have become an attractive alternative for urban transport networks across the world as more trials are conducted while vehicle design, battery and charging technology is continually enhanced. They appear similar to a traditional bus, but the passenger experience aboard the 100% battery-powered buses is unrivalled with quieter operation, smoother acceleration and zero environmental impact. Although their initial cost is higher per vehicle and need charging infrastructure, they are cost effective, maintenance is less and life is longer.

BCI product ranges from 7.9 m to 14.5 m, city buses, school bus charter buses, luxury coaches and double deck buses. BCI Buses are powered by the latest emission standard Euro 6 diesel, hybrid systems and now full electric. We also offer 3 main types of materials for chassis and bodies, Australian Standard Galvanised steel, imported 4003 Stainless steel and Aluminium bodies.

BCI will launch in 2019 in Melbourne a new 12,3 m 53 reclining seats Luxury Coach with a fresh design and all the most advanced safety systems in.

BCI is mainly focused in Australia and New Zealand although currently exports via the Joint Venture with Weichai® group to other markets: United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada, USA, Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong and other South East Asian countries. Our International Business will continue expanding and capturing new opportunities around the world for our innovative and reliable buses.