John Hurley New Sales Manager at BCI.

John Hurley New Sales Manager at BCI. Date Released: 1/01/2012

Having sold BCI vehicles for several years, Hurley brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the BCI product suite back to the BCI camp.

John has always been foremost customer-product focussed.

"Many of my existing customers have BCIs and I'm very happy to be back selling the product" John says
Hurley previously worked for BCSA and sold many BCI vehicles as the sales manager at BCSA when they were the authorised BCI dealer.

After the two company's parted ways in late 2011, John continued working briefly for BCSA/BLK, and now BCI management are very excited to have John back on board.

BCI CEO and National Sales Manager, Ivan Furlanetto has welcomed Hurley's return very warmly.
"John was always an important part of the BCI sales team, and that he expressed interest in returning to the BCI camp really shows that he believes in the product. That obviously translates well to our customers", Furlanetto says.

Hurley plans to touch base with Queensland operators, with upcoming visits to all regions and bus operations across Queensland.

"The earlier the better," he says

For Sales and Parts enquiries call John on 0407 499 172. For Warranty enquiries phone John or Ross Hansen on 08 9451 1369.


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