Go West: Recipe to Success

Go West: Recipe to Success Date Released: 14/07/2015

The man at the helm of Go West talks his experience of keeping their fleet on the road.

With only seven buses in their fleet a decade ago, Go West is one of Australia’s leading and fastest-growing operators in the Mining, School and Tourism sectors, running 200-vehicles on WA mine-sites alone, and holding contracts with the major players. For these mining companies, if a bus breaks down, or is one or two hours late, its a huge loss of production which equals huge cost.

“It can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars if you have 50 guys that can’t go to work for a few hours so to keep our contracts we have to guarantee continued service” says David

David says the key to the strength and success of Go West does not lie in one area alone. Its about being strong in all divisions of the business, from administration to drivers, vehicles and fleet management.

David outlines the key principles of keeping his fleet on the road

1. Communicate
“With BCI, we ring and it gets sorted – better than any other company we’ve worked with. That’s important”
David’s Tip: you need to be able to have input from the production of your vehicles to the initial servicing and checking over buses through to support after the sale 

2. Rectify Any Issues Immediately 
“If we need an alternator or whatever it may be I need to be able to get it straight away.” 
David’s TipSome organisations are multi-carriers and just don’t know product, or it takes a week to receive

3. Don’t employ a plumber to fix your car
"You wouldn’t employ a mechanic that knows nothing about vehicles – make sure all the people you deal with know their business. The staff at BCIs service centres and parts dispatch facilities know the BCI product through and through."
David’s Tipwatch out for large conglomerates that may not know the vehicles they’re supporting

4. Cut out the BS
“Look out for company’s that have too much bureaucracy that can slow them down"
David’s Tip: Bureaucracy Stifles. A forward thinking attitude is vital – that means always striving for improvement, and not getting tripped up on menial things

As the preferred supplier of vehicles to Go West, BCI proudly play an integral role in keeping the Go West fleet moving. 

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